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About Cruising:

Cruising is the ideal holiday, showcasing many opportunities and adventures in one vacation. There are no worries about unpacking and repacking your bags, no stress about connections or time limits and almost everything is included in the one-price! How perfect!

A Cruise for everyone!

Whether you prefer Ocean voyages to the idyllic islands of the South Pacific, exploring the wondrous destinations of the Straits of Malacca or cruising the majestic rivers of Europe, cruising has something for everyone. Sit back and relax on deck as the world passes you by or take part in the numerous activities available onboard. There is plenty of choices available according to your age, interests, hobbies and passions.

See what life is like on board a cruise ship by selecting a category based on your interests.

Romance for couples

What better way to rekindle a relationship than on a cruise. Whether a couple is travelling to Europe, Asia or the South Pacific, a cruise can be one of the most romantic experiences of a lifetime. Feast together in the numerous fine dining restaurants on board; be pampered with his and her massages; gaze out on awe-inspiring sunsets and starlit twilights.

The Perfect Wedding Venue

What better place to spend the most important day of your life than the perfect setting of a luxury cruise ship. Wedding, Honeymoon and Anniversary packages are available to help make your dream celebrations perfect. Ask you Cruise Consultant for details.

Activities for Singles

Cruises are the perfect place to meet new friends whilst seeing the world. If you're single, consider booking a singles cruise, which is a cruise specially designed for people travelling alone. For single women preferring not to travel alone, why not ask about ‘gentlemen hosts’ who dance, socialize and keep women company throughout the cruise.


Enrich your cruise by fully experiencing your destinations' histories and traditions.It's no secret that a lot of people enjoy cruising because of the sun and surf. People who want more than a t-shirt and a tan, however, can now stimulate their minds.

To enhance the cultural experience, cruisers can shop in village markets, learn about native customs, dine on multicultural cuisine, tour museums and attend festive performances. Why not ask about our pre- and post-cruise tour packages that allow cruisers to truly immerse themselves in the country’s local culture.

Activities for Seniors

Senior travellers who don't want to be stuck with rowdy college kids or screaming children can take solace in the fact that several cruise lines take great satisfaction in offering a quiet, hassle-free atmosphere. Cruise lines catering to older cruisers give them the opportunity to appreciate a slower-paced cruise that places an emphasis on hospitality and leisure.


Cruisers who want more than just a suntan now have greater opportunities to take exotic cruises and enjoy the activities and interests they love.

These special voyages let passengers explore art, music, food, nature, sports, technology, personal finance, health, comedy, literature, cinema and more!

Accommodation for Special Events

Let a cruise line set the stage for a business meeting, a reunion, a honeymoon or even a wedding! More and more business meetings and conferences are now being conducted on cruise ships. Not only are cruise ships less expensive than high end resort stays but also have all the business amenities of any top hotel. Employees can get down to business during the day while their families relax amidst the cruise ship's amenities. Other popular group cruises include class and family reunions, which give people the opportunities to catch up with each other while taking a dream vacation.Cruise lines can also accommodate birthdays, Stag/Hen parties and other celebrations. You can even get married with the help of cruise wedding planners!

Family Fun

A cruise is the ideal family-based vacation because it provides customized entertainment for both the parents and their kids. Children of all ages can participate in planned, supervised activities; giving parents the freedom to have their own fun. Most cruises even provide babysitters. Meanwhile, adults can kick back and relax, have an intimate dinner at a fine restaurant, or seek their own adventures. Later, families can get together and share all their experiences!

Around the clock Entertainment

Pursue non-stop adventure and entertainment throughout the day and into the night. Those who are worried they might become bored on a cruise will be quite surprised to discover that they don't have enough time to do all they want. . The action stops only when you do!


If you're looking for a fast-paced vacation with invigorating adventure and thrills, a cruise is for you! There is a wide variety of onboard adventure activities as well as thrilling onshore ventures. On Princess cruises, you can get your scuba diving certification, and on Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas, you can go rock climbing! After a day full of exploration and adventure, kick off your shoes and relax. But take a deep breath, because the excitement continues the very next day!


Get in shape, have fun and stay active! The world's biggest playgrounds await you when you cruise. Depending upon your vessel, their could be gyms, golf courses, basketball courts, running tracks, pools, and many more facilities at your disposal. And once you get onshore, the action heats up! If you're cruising to balmy destinations, a variety of water sports, such as scuba diving and parasailing, beckon you. If you're a sport-minded person, cruising is for you!


Cruising offers the hustle and bustle of ports of call and relentless activities, but also offers needed rest and relaxation. Take a dip in a pool or a hot tub, laze beside the pool, indulge in massages and other therapy treatments or, if you really need a break, withdraw to your room, order some popcorn from room service and watch a movie. It's your cruise. So spoil yourself with indulgent, relaxing pleasures. You deserve it!


Revel amidst the most superior cruise amenities available. If you desire the very best in accommodations, dining and entertainment, book a cruise! Today's cruises offer passengers the finest collection of exclusive amenities that can't be found in typical resort vacations, from five star dining and Celebrity Chefs to state-of-the-art fitness facilities. Select whole-world itineraries to exotic destinations like Egypt, India and Fiji. Cruise on ultra-modern liners or on lavish intimate boats. You pick the itinerary, ship and room that suit your vision of luxury.

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